How I started the tea business - YouTube Video

How I started the tea business - YouTube Video

Posted by Saunam Bhattacharjee on Apr 29th 2018

Greetings Fellow Tea Drinker!

Recently I made a decision to finally get started with the whole social media thing - here is me sharing how I started in the tea business.  

Personally I avoid cell phones, because there are so many communication devises all around me including three e-commerce websites, multiple email addresses, instant massaging apps, landlines and almost 24 hours spent at work, so far everyone has been managing to reach me without my cell phone going off. And if you are one of those who can't deal with cell phones, then the world of social media becomes more time in front of desktop computers - not my favorite activity!

But I digress; the goal here is to build a community online of netizens (internet users) who enjoy tea among other fine things in life. This video series, as well as this blog you are reading, will hopefully be the building blocks of this community of tea lovers. I got to give some to get some, I know. More time in front of computers. 

This first blog entry was suppose to be the transcript of the first video posted in YouTube ( Assam Tea TV), under the same name as this blog "How I started the tea business". This is how far I got - next video will surely come with it's own transcript. 

Until then, enjoy the day with a sip of tea!