Welcome to Assam Tea Company 2.0 website!

Welcome to Assam Tea Company 2.0 website!

Posted by Saunam Bhattacharjee on Oct 21st 2017

Welcome to our new website!

It has been an excruciating wait of seven months to get this e-commerce site back up! Luckily for both our clients and for us, the new site is up and running before the 2017 holiday season. Welcome!!

Can you retrieve your Brewing Points from the old site?
Unfortunately - no. The old platform (X-Cart) is not accessible to us anymore. The good news is that you will find our prices are significantly lower than they used to be previously. The goal is to make the teas more accessible and pass on the savings in lower prices upfront to our clients.

By the way, you may (or may not) have noticed that we continue to have the Brewing Points rewards program. Like previous, you will be automatically enrolled into the Brewing Points program when you start shopping with us; no special sign-up required.

Expect a faster, better service
We are aware that being an online business requires fast turnaround of confirmed orders. However, our business specializes in serving the best tasting blends. In keeping with that objective, we only manufacture blends after we receive a confirmed order. Most other tea companies manufacture or import blends and sit on them for up to 3 years (or more!) till these teas are sold. Our 'made-to-order' approach makes our teas taste fantastic, however it does slow down the turnaround time required to fill a confirmed order. 

And at this time we have started hiring more team members and growing the team, so that we can serve you faster!