Green Tea Custom Blend

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About Green Tea - Scientific Name: Camellia sinensis - Market Name: Chinese Sencha

The Chinese Sencha we stock is from tea gardens located in high altitude mountains in Zhejiang province. This is a very easy to drink, affordable and flavorful green tea for beginners and seasoned tea drinkers alike.

Taste Profile:

The aroma is strong grassy and the flavor is typical of well manufactured pan-friend green tea of medium quality. As we use this Chinese sencha full leaf green tea as the base for almost all our green tea blends, we requested our tea maker to make this tea as forgiving to abuse as possible. And he did just that. This tea is manufactured such that it don't go bitter, even if you pour boiling water over it.

Blend Ingredients:

The two core ingredients of the blends, the base tea and the flavor are both of exceptional quality and have been sourced from the same suppliers for close to two decades. All our flavors are free of preservatives and synthetic solvents, which means you don't have a 36 month shelf-life like synthetic flavors have. We recommend 12 moths shelf life for our natural flavors.

Blending Basics:

The best tea blends are usually the most simple ones. We recommend you use one flavour per blend, use a flower to garnish the blend, and if you want to add a flavor modifier you can add berries, peels and roots.