Honeybush Custom Blend

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About Honeybush - Scientific Name: Cyclopia

Honeybush is a caffeine free herb that grows in a small geographic region in South Africa, spread over the provinces of Western Cape and Eastern Cape. It's endemic to this region, and most species of Honeybush cannot be cultivated but has to be wild harvested. The flowers of the plant smells sweet like honey, hence the name. Just like Rooibos, Honeybush is packed with antioxidants and is low in tannin so it doesn't go bitter even if you steep it for a long time.

Taste Profile:

Honeybush is not as well known as Rooibos, another plant that has taken the herbal tea world by storm. The taste of Honeybush is sweetish, fruity, woody, with notes of toasted rice. Just like Rooibos, Honeybush is also caffeine-free and loaded with antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. At Assam Tea Company we are biased towards Honeybush as it's our go to herbal tea in-house. If you like the smell of the outdoors; you will love Honeybush.

Blend Ingredients:

The two core ingredients of the blends, the base tea and the flavor are both of exceptional quality and have been sourced from the same suppliers for close to two decades. All our flavors are free of preservatives and synthetic solvents, which means you don't have a 36 month shelf-life like synthetic flavors have. We recommend 12 moths shelf life for our natural flavors.

Blending Basics:

The best tea blends are usually the most simple ones. We recommend you use one flavour per blend, use a flower to garnish the blend, and if you want to add a flavor modifier you can add berries, peels and roots.