Mint Rose - 3-oz.|85-gm.

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This is a sensational blend that is tasty, refreshing and also helps in the digestion of food. The Mint Rose is a caffeine-free blend of peppermint and spearmint, both grown in the Pacific Northwest, and a dash of natural rose flavor, topped off with rose petals. 

This combination of hot and cold mints, topped with the rich and warm aroma and taste of red rose, makes brewing this tea a special occasion every time.

Caffeinated: No

Ingredients: spearmint, peppermint, rose petals and natural flavor

Steeping Suggestion:
Serving: 1 person = 1 cup = 237 ml / 8 fl.oz.
Tea Leaf: 3.0 grams of tea
Water Temp: 205+ degree Fahrenheit / 96+ degree Celsius
Steeping Time: 5 - 7 minutes