OG Smoked Bamboo Tea

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OG Smoked Bamboo Tea is the traditional tea of many tribes in the Upper Assam region. We call it "Sunga Sah" or Bamboo Tea. It's essentially a green tea because it's not fermented/oxidized. Raw tea leaves are chopped and stuffed into a bamboo, and left to dry in indirect heat in the the traditional kitchen for at least a year.

This is definitely the Assamese version of lapsang souchong! The flavor is slightly vegetal, and the aroma is smoky and sweetish.

Caffeinated: Yes (Low)

Blended: No

Flavored: No

Ingredients: Traditional Smoked Bamboo Tea - Sunga Sah 

Steeping Suggestion: 
Serving: 1 person = 1 cup = 237 ml / 8 fl.oz.
Tea Leaf: 3.5 grams of tea 
Water Temp: 170-180 degree Fahrenheit / 77-82 degree Celsius 
Steeping Time: 1-2-3 minutes (Triple Steeping!)