Our Story

Mridul Kumar Bhattacharjee, tea planter and owner of Rani Tea Estate & Satrupa Tea Estate. The 1st organic certified farmer of Assam tea. My father inspired me to dedicate my life to tea.


He and my mother were murdered at our tea garden in 2012 for refusing to sell their gardens.


My father's great-grand-father started in tea & here we are still in love with the miracle plant.

The Roots

Assam Tea Company is the story of the son of a tea planter, Rishi Saunam, who desperately wanted to hold on to his farming roots, while starting out an immigrant life in the West. As his parent's tea garden was about to transition into the first organic tea estate in Assam, the largest tea growing region of the world, he wanted to do something to help his family market their produce.

Starting in 2000 as a trading business, Assam Tea Company transitioned into a warehouse facility in St.Petersburg, Florida in 2004. As the two family farms were manufacturing over one million kilos of tea annually, the business grew fast catering to demand for the finest Assam black teas, west of India.


The Branches

By 2008, with a growing family, Rishi Saunam and Namgay, his better half, decided to immigrate to Vancouver, Canada. Namgay is from Sikkim, high up in the Himalayas. The almost decade long stay in the hot humid weather of Florida had taken a tool on her health. The move to Vancouver was amazing! Assam Tea Company, Canada, was born with our facility in Burnaby, Metro Vancouver, in the Pacific Northwest.


The Hurricane

In 2012 disaster of epic proportion struck our business. Rishi Saunam's parents, the sole tea supplier of Assam Tea Company, were brutally murdered in their tea garden, in Assam. For the next 3 years, Namgay took charge of business, while Rishi Saunam spent time in his family tea gardens restoring normal operations after the tragedy.

While in Assam, Rishi Saunam took the initiative to complete the transition of the family tea garden, Konapathar Tea Estate, into a certified organic garden using bio-dynamic practices. It is one of the handful of certified organic gardens in Assam today.


The Phoenix

Since 2016, when Rishi Saunam returned to Canada and his family after years away, Assam Tea Company has matured into a well established boutique tea blender. We no longer work under the pressure to sell one million kilos annually or get in trouble with the Big Guy. We cater primarily to other boutique businesses like high end restaurants, artisanal coffee roasters, and niche brands. 

The Forest

The dramatic change in the food service landscape since the introduction of governmental restrictions in March 2020, has had devastating effect for most of our wholesale clients. After almost two years of continuing restrictions and no end in sight, starting 2021 December, Assam Tea Company has pivoted into becoming a completely web-based business.

Our focus online is to reach discerning tea drinkers across Canada and United States & share with them the same level of knowledge and expertise that we currently share with our wholesale clients. We want you to enjoy at home the same cup experience you would have at any exceptional restaurant or artisanal coffee roaster. 

Welcome to Assam Tea Company!

The Ecosystem

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