Our Story

Welcome to Assam Tea Company!

Eighteen years ago, I started Assam Tea Company in St.Petersburg, Florida, to import and distribute my father's tea harvest in the US & Canada. My father, MKB, was a third generation tea farmer, and one of the finest tea makers in Assam. From 2000 through 2012, my father's teas were well received across North America as some of the finest black teas each year. In 2012 both my parents were assassinated in their tea garden in Assam. Assam Tea Company had to be either shut down or the company had to reinvent itself.

Assam Tea Company reinvented itself. We continued to focus on importing and distributing Assam black teas. Today we have a sister company in Assam, through which we buy freshly harvested black tea every week and ship them to US & Canada via air and sea consignments.

We love blending! All blends are made to order. Always fresh. Our blends cover the entire range from Earl Greys to Chais and those without any extracts at all, Spa Blends. I have personally designed each and every blend over the last 18 years, and I continue to spend my days cupping teas to buy, and blending teas and herbs for my clients.

I focus on using teas, spices, and herbs grown without the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, as well as botanical extracts that are without any preservatives and synthetic solvents. These flavors derived from nature have a short shelf life compared to synthetic flavors with preservatives, but once you taste them you will agree with me - taste much better!

Assam Tea Company mainly caters to coffee roasters, tea distributors, small brands, restaurants, coffee shops and other food service operators. We also have a strong following among tea drinkers who loves the taste of freshly harvested pure Assam black teas!

From retired teachers to tea snobs from budding tea-entrepreneurs to famous restaurateurs, we supply the finest teas to those who are focused on drinking and using fresh, wholesome teas.  

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Yours in Tea,

Saunam Bhattacharjee
CEO, Assam Tea Company, Inc.