Pure Black Teas

All our Pure Black Teas are from Assam! Assam Black Teas are made into an extensive range of products, based on the size of the leaf, the season of harvest and the type of manufacture (Orthodox or CTC or Handmade). 

  • Artisanal Golaghat Full Leaf

    Artisanal Golaghat Full Leaf

    The Artisanal Golaghat Full Leaf is a handmade Assam black tea that is composed of loosely twisted leaves and flat open leaves. The tea is easy to drink, light on the body but retains good flavor. The rolling wasn't tight because of the inexperience of...

    $2.69 - $884.00
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  • Artisanal Golaghat Special Leaf

    Artisanal Golaghat Special Leaf

    Artisanal Golaghat Special Leaf (Lot# 2) is an excellent production of handmade black tea from Assam. This particular batch composes of over-sized full leaves black teas, that are tightly twisted and needle-like. The tea has a fruity, spicy taste with a...

    $2.69 - $884.00
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  • Artisanal Merapani Special Leaf

    Artisanal Merapani Special Leaf

    The Artisanal Merapani Special Leaf is possibly the best looking and aromatic black handmade tea we offer at this time.  This tea was made by a young marginal farmer, who doesn't have any farmland of his own. He leases small plots of land from...

    $2.60 - $244.04
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  • Rise N' Shine - Assam & Darjeeling Blend

    Rise N' Shine - Assam & Darjeeling Blend

    The Rise N' Shine has a cult like following for those who like Darjeeling, but only so much! This blend is Darjeeling heavy and the Assam full leaf gives it a nice flavor and strength boost. Caffeinated: Yes  Ingredients: Assam &...

    $2.68 - $882.30