Purple Tea - 4-oz.|114-gm.

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Purple Tea taste a lot like a high quality green tea. Slightly grassy, with notes of salad green, roasted almonds and cacao, this tea has a unique and appetizing taste profile. If you are looking for an immunity boosting tea that works like green tea, but with more health benefits than green tea, and without tasting like fresh grass clippings; this is your tea.

Caffeinated: Yes (Low)

Blended: No

Flavored: No

Ingredients: Purple Tea from Kenya

Steeping Suggestion: 
Serving: 1 person = 1 cup = 237 ml / 8 fl.oz.
Tea Leaf: 2 grams of tea 
Water Temp: 170-180 degree Fahrenheit / 77-82 degree Celsius 
Steeping Time: 3-5 minutes