Red Rooibos - 8-oz.

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Red Rooibos is a caffeine-free herb from South Africa that's loaded with minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Over the last three decades it has become the go-to brew for those who enjoy drinking tea but can't deal with the caffeine. The taste is bold like black tea, with creamy texture and sweetish and nutty flavor notes. If you enjoy a cup of tea with a dash of milk and sugar - this tea takes that well!

This is a pure rooibos without any additives. If you want a strong cuppa rooibos, simply use additional leaves per serving and also adjust your steeping time.

We offer a wide range of flavored herbs with Red Rooibos as blend base - make sure to check them out!

Caffeinated: No

Ingredients: Pure Aspalathus linearis

Steeping Suggestion: 
Serving: 1 person = 1 cup = 237 ml / 8 fl.oz.
Tea Leaf: 3 grams of tea 
Water Temp: 205+ degree Fahrenheit / 96+ degree Celsius
Steeping Time: 5-7 minutes