Shizuoka Matcha - 8-oz.

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Our Shizuoka Matcha comes from Shizuoka Prefecture of Japan. This prefecture is the traditional tea growing region of Japan.

Matcha is the only type of tea where the actual tea leaves are consumed as part of the drink; whereas in all other teas, we steep the leaves and only consume the extraction, not the tea leaves.

Matcha is made differently from other green teas. The tea plants from which Matcha will be made, are covered by mats cutting them off sunlight for weeks before the leaves are plucked for making Matcha. Once the leaves are plucked, the stems and veins of each of the leaves is carefully removed, before the rest of the leaves are made into fine powdery Matcha.

The Shizuoka Matcha is a culinary grade or latte grade Matcha. However, even through it's latte grade, it is wonderful to drink by itself. You can also use this matcha to sprinkle over ice cream, or simply add a scoop of Matcha to a bottle of water, shake it well, and you have a bottle of Matcha tea!