Spa Blends

Spa Blends are made with herbs that are commonly used for detox and cleansing. All our Spa Blends are free of extracts, oils and flavors. 

  • Black Mint

    Black Mint

    The Mint Black tea is a combination of full leaf black tea, with peppermint, and lavender flowers with a dash of sunflower petals or calendula petals. This simple but powerful blend brings together two powerful herbs, along with the benefits of black tea...

    $2.83 - $961.86
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  • Hibiscus Bliss

    Hibiscus Bliss

    The Hibiscus Bliss is a white tea blend that brings together three unique taste profiles that compliments each other well. The tart and sweetish taste of Hibiscus, the citrusy and lemony taste of Lemongrass, and the floral notes of Lavender, blended with...

    $2.82 - $953.70
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  • Organic Flu Tea

    Organic Flu Tea

    The Organic Flu Tea is our first Spa blend that has been our customer favorite for over a decade! This herbal caffeine-free blend combines 11 different functional herb, all with a reputation for helping boost your immunity. Don't wait for the flu, boost...

    $4.14 - $1,673.48
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  • Organic Green Lavender

    Organic Green Lavender

    The Organic Green Lavender is a minimalist blend that expertly combines the fresh grassy flavor of pan-fried Chinese Sencha with fresh lavender flower from France, garnished with cornflowers. A fantastic brew that will re-vitalize your body and relax...

    $1.93 - $469.54
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  • Organic Sweet Ginger

    Organic Sweet Ginger

    The Organic Sweet Ginger is an delicious blend of a number of potent herbs, dominated by the spicy sweetish flavor of organic ginger chips. The blend combines seven different functional herbs from spearmint to licorice root, making it one of the most...

    $3.69 - $1,429.70
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