Tools of the Trade

  • This 200 grams calibration weight is perfect for keeping your scale dependable.

    Calibration Wgt (200-gm)

    This is a 200-gram calibration weight that works for all the scales we sell on our website. It's important that you re-calibrate your scale on a regular schedule so that it gives you the perfect reading every time.  

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  • Finum Tea Filters (large)

    Finum Tea Filters (large)

    The Finum filters are made from abaca pulp, cellulose and sealing fibers, guaranteeing true-flavor filtering. They are chlorine-free bleached and biodegradable, and are made without glue or any other type of binding agent. The base of the filter...

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  • bamboo tea scoops are easy for handling loose leaf teas

    Mini Bamboo Scoop

    The Mini Bamboo Scoop is a light weight small tool that will make a lot of difference when handling smaller leaves or granular teas. The scoop is not too deep, but it's ideal for scooping out single serves through a small opening like a stand-up pouch...

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  • Paper Tea Tray

    Paper Tea Tray

    The Paper Tea Trays are useful for making close and detail inspection of tea leaves, herbs and spices. The trays are very durable, and are easy to clean due to the laminated surface. The white surface is also a good reflector of light, which makes it...

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  • Assam Tea Company has Wingz t-filters and other tea brewing accessories

    Wingz T-Filters - Japanese

    The Wingz T-Filters are our most stylish and best performing paper filter system. Made using non-woven paper, these filters brew a clean and crisp cup of tea every time. They are also quite elegant in presentation, and have the tendency to draw...

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